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Get your SUMMER on!

For your chance to WIN instantly this summer, play our in app game BAREFOOT BATTLER. The rules are simple…

Owlando was out for a summer stroll when his thongs had a blow out, and has now ended up with two busted pluggers!

He has to walk the rest of the way barefoot but there are dangers lurking ahead. Keep an eye out and help him jump over all of the critters and obstacles along the way. 
To have a CHANCE at winning an instant prize you need to capture over 55 stars this week in 60 seconds.

17 November 2021 - 8 March 2022

Where to find the BAREFOOT BATTLER game

The BAREFOOT BATTLER game lives inside our app. If you haven’t already, download the “NightOwl Aus” app from the Apple or Google Play stores.

Once you have signed in, you can either go to your “Home” tab or “Perks” tab where you will see the game banner in both places. Then it’s as easy as tap and play!


When each game first loads, you will see our mascot Owlando Barefoot. Tap to start the game and you will see a red jump button on the bottom right hand corner. A timer with 60 seconds in the top left hand corner and a counter on the top right hand corner.  Once you tap to play the 60 second timer starts, and Owlando will start moving and you have to press the red jump button to help Owlando jump over the obstacles and to collect as many stars as possible.

If you fail to jump over the obstacles Owlando will fall and you will lose valuable time to collect the stars. If you manage to jump over obstacles without falling, Owlando will start moving faster to help you collect more stars but once you fall, Owlando will go back to its original pace until you jump over more obstacles without falling to speed up again. Be sure to jump at the right time, timing is everything.

BAREFOOT BATTLER will reset daily, giving you more chances to win bigger and better every 24 hours.

At the end of each played game, 1 of 3 screens will pop up...


Winner! You have won a delectable prize, ready and waiting for you to enjoy!

Each prize won will expire at midnight that same day so be sure to visit your local NightOwl to claim your prize that day. 


If you are instore already when you win an “INSTANT PRIZE”, you can click the “Redeem Now” button. You will have 10 minutes to redeem your prize. 

Simply grab your won product and present the QR Code on your screen to the clerk behind the register. Then scan and enjoy!

Note that your prize will disappear after 10 minutes and cannot be reclaimed once the timer has finished. The animated clock as well as the countdown timer must be in motion in order to redeem your prize. Screenshots will not be accepted.


If you are not instore when you win an “INSTANT PRIZE”, you can click the “Save for Later” button. This will safely store your prize under your “Perks tab”. When you are ready to redeem, follow the steps above. 

Note that you must redeem your prize that same day as a saved prize will expire at midnight.


You’re going to look HOT this Summer! You have won a limited edition piece of Summer Merch! 

We have everything from Hats, to Yo Yo’s and other amazing NightOwl merchandise that you can win. Start playing!


This one’s easy – We’ll send your win straight to your doorstep! Simply hit the “Claim Now” button and fill in your address.

#3. NO WIN

It’s not all bad! If you play a game and don’t win. There’s always tomorrow!

Don’t forget that when you do win, you can enter the competition to Win a Nintendo Switch by sharing your win on socials, see below.

There’s also a Sea-Doo Jetski up for grabs. Just make sure you scan your app or card when making a purchase as every transaction is one entry in this incredible summer promotion.


Be in it to WIN it.. Share Barefoot Battler and go in the draw to WIN a Nintendo Switch this Summer! After you've redeemed your prize, share a photo of your win on your socials and tag us.
@nightowlconvenience, #nightowlconvenience and #barefootbattler
We will randomly draw the winner from all entries on Tuesday March 8th.


You’re going to be busy this summer! Test your skills in different scenarios every single month and win yourself a little something while you’re at it.


Day at the beach
Backyard Barbie
Bush Hike
Middle of the Woop Woop

Good Luck ya' Legends, get stuck in and enjoy your summer!

For a full list of Terms and Conditions, please click here