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Uncover demister-y this winter!

For your chance to WIN instantly this winter, play our in app game ‘Uncover Demister-y’. The rules are simple…

It’s bloody cold outside so Owlando is driving the OwlVan through town with the heater on, when his window fogs up.

The demister isn’t working fast enough for him to see. Wipe the windscreen to clear his view and reveal the road ahead and the mystery object that awaits. Play daily for your chance to win a share of 1000’s of instant prizes! 

2 June 2021 - 24 August 2021

Where to find the game

The ‘Uncover Demister-y’ game lives inside our app. If you haven’t already, download the “NightOwl Aus” app from the Apple or Google Play stores.

Once you have signed in, you can either go to your “Home” tab or “Perks” tab where you will see the game banner in both places. Then it’s as easy as tap and play!

How to play 'Uncover Demister-y'

When each game first loads, you will see our mascot Owlando driving along when the windscreen suddenly starts fogging up.

 A little motion hand will then appear showing you how to wipe the windscreen with your finger. Just drag your finger back and forth across the windscreen to reveal your prize. 

The game will reset every 24hrs, giving you more chances to win bigger and better every day.

At the end of each played game, 1 of 2 screens will pop up...


Winner! You have won a delectable prize, ready and waiting for you to enjoy!

Each prize won will expire at midnight that same day so be sure to visit your local NightOwl to claim your prize that day. 


If you are instore already when you win an “INSTANT PRIZE”, you can click the “Redeem Now” button. You will have 10 minutes to redeem your prize. 

Simply grab your won product and present the QR Code on your screen to the clerk behind the register. Then scan and enjoy!

Note that your prize will disappear after 10 minutes and cannot be reclaimed once the timer has finished. The animated clock as well as the countdown timer must be in motion in order to redeem your prize. Screenshots will not be accepted.


If you are not instore when you win an “INSTANT PRIZE”, you can click the “Save for Later” button. This will safely store your prize under your “Perks tab”. When you are ready to redeem, follow the steps above. 

Note that you must redeem your prize that same day as a saved prize will expire at midnight.

#2. NO WIN

You didn’t win today but have another go tomorrow, when the new game appears. Could be your lucky day!

Good Luck and have some fun this winter!

For a full list of Terms and Conditions, please click here